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About Nupef

Nupef is a reference social organization in Brazil in promoting the safe use of information and communication technologies. Since 2006, it has been dedicated to expanding the appropriation of these technologies, especially by civil society organizations, social movements and socially and economically vulnerable communities. Initially created as a Center for Research, Studies and Training within the Third Sector Information Network (Rits), in 2009 it was formally constituted as Instituto Nupef, a non-profit association.

It is part of Nupef's mission to produce and disseminate knowledge about how the effective use of information and communication technologies can contribute to improving democracy and defending human rights. In addition, Nupef participates in collective advocacy actions aimed at formulating and improving public policies in the field of digital technologies and network communication.

Nupef's technical infrastructure and expertise help civil society organizations, social movements and communities to implement innovative and safe practices in digital environments. This is done through the Tiwa project, a non-profit Internet service exclusively available to civil society organizations, social movements and educational and research entities. Tiwa's services guarantee a protected infrastructure environment for innovations, experiments, debate and training processes, as well as Nupef's own services and those of its partners.

Nupef’s technical team also collaborates with indigenous, quilombola and other communities in enabling community networks in remote areas of the Amazon and other regions of Brazil. This includes designing and installing the network infrastructure, as well as training community members in the proper and safe maintenance and use of the network.

Responding to the need to protect online content maintained by social organizations and movements, Nupef created the Graúna project, which seeks to function as a mirror of essential data from pages and services at risk on the Internet. Graúna also maintains a portable server with essential repositories, installed in community networks where connectivity is precarious.

Nupef is a member of coalitions and organizational networks. The institute has political impact in Brazil and internationally, with the work of its representatives in spaces such as the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (CGI.br), the Network Rights Coalition (CDR) and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC).


Nupef's vision is to be a reference space in the production and exchange of knowledge and practices on the development and use of communication and information technologies as tools for citizenship empowerment, and on policies and norms that promote and guarantee fundamental rights in digital environments.


Nupef's mission is to contribute to the full exercise of citizenship and to the guarantee and promotion of fundamental rights in societies connected in networks through the innovative and safe use of information and communication technologies, the dissemination of knowledge, and the strengthening of capacities for the strategic appropriation of digital tools, in collaboration with civil society organizations and social movements who share our values.




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