Instituto Nupef is a non-profit institute dedicated to producing data and analysis, expanding knowledge and promoting learning activities for policy makers and civil society activists, sensitizing and raising awareness about the potentials of the effective use of technology to enhance democracy and defend human rights. Nupef also produces informative materials and work on the relevance of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as tools to organize citizen's participation in democratic processes, and to promote and protect citizen's rights on the Internet.

Nupef implements activities which contribute to innovative practices of ICTs at the local level by civil society organizations, social movements, individuals, local entrepreneurs and local governments.

Nupef works actively on policies and practices related to the use and allocation of spectrum (with emphasis on regulation and policies which impact community networks), Internet governance, privacy and surveillance, access to the Internet, and net neutrality. Nupef has also played a relevant role in facilitating dialogue between civil society organizations and the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee in the past 14 years. 

One of Nupef's activities is the Tiwa project, a non-profit Internet service for civil society organizations and social movements. The Tiwa service is hosted in a secure environment, in a partnership between Nupef, the National Research and Education Network (RNP), and NIC.br, and seeks to ensure a secure and safe infrastructure environment for Nupef’s own ICT demands as well as services of its partners.

Nupef seeks to contribute to the promotion of democratic values, social justice and equity, by reducing the digital gap (community networks implementation and advocacy for open spectrum and the promotion of digital rights), by producing and sharing information (PoliTICs magazine and Web information services). Nupef is carrying out a security research with Latin American NGOs to contribute to safe operation and use of NGOs’ networked services, and developing a portable server which will offer a range of information services to community networks in poorly connected areas.

Nupef’s approaches include research and knowledge production and sharing, implementation of pilot projects for innovation, enabling the development of new policies, the publication of analytical articles (through PoliTICs magazine) addressed mainly to opinion makers. Nupef is also a member of coalitions and organizational networks such as Brazil’s Network Rights Coalition (CDR) and Association for Progressive Communications (APC).

Nupef’s executive-director is one of the founding members of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committe (CGI.br), and is now a member of the Internet Governance Forum's Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG).


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